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The wiring world

You build it, we'll wire it

A. & H. Meyer is a leading manufacturer of cable management systems. Our company fabricates one of the most diverse product ranges of electrification concepts in the world, which means we are able to provide customized solutions for all your power, data and multimedia requirements.

Our signature system is known as NETCONCEPT International, which are modular, self-contained, flexible and easy to install. The system comprises five product families.

  • NETBOX is the product solution that encases your system needs. The NETBOX range offers different types of applications according to your preferences: desktop, built-in, surface mounted or concealed.
  • NETMODULE refers to the configuration of the NETBOX range from over 250 modules. From simple power outlets to data, multimedia, switches and many other features.
  • NETCONNECT conforms to the latest global safety standards and offers an internationally-accepted range of electricity, data and audio/vido cable solutions as well as connectors.
  • NETSYSTEM allows our customers to control the flow of power in any given setting through a power distribution network thanks to our extensive selection of reliable modular distribution boxes.
  • NET+ provides easy and practical solutions for any workstation with its wide selection of accessories and options.

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