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NETBOX Combi Duplex

Smart access

Designed to provide a straightforward double-sided access to power and data, the NETBOX Combi Duplex is an ideal accessory to modern office furnishings.

Incorporating a cable box and a pair of NETBOX M, the NETBOX Combi Duplex offers space for up to 8 power, data and multimedia modules. Screw holes found on the sides guarantee easy installation.

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Product description
  • Unit sits flush with mounted surface
  • Double sided cable exit with brush lips
  • Power and data could be access from both sides
Technical details
  • Customizable into various configurations
  • 8 gang modules of your choice (2 units of NETBOX M4)
  • Consists of 3 parts:
    • Double sided cable exit with spring-damped lid
    • Metal tray
    • 2 units of NETBOX M4
Installation method
  • Cable exit: Fastening the 4 screws at the side of cable exit to the table
  • Cable tray: Fastening the 4 screws at the cable tray to the table
  • Cut-out size: Please refer to the specification sheet under the download section

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General Product and Material Information

NETBOX Combi Duplex | Standards & Approvals



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